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Ljungdalen´s fisheries conservation area (FVO) is located in mountainous terrain.
Helagsfjället is ranked as the 3rd best destination in the word by National Geograpic when it comes to the 
world´s mountains.
Helags is Sweden´s southernmost glacier, Ljungdalen has a mighty mountain world around Ljungdalen´s fishing waters are the three highest peaks in Jämtland/Härjedalen,
Helags, Sylarna and Härjångsfjällen


Ljungdalen´s fisheries conservation area annually releases fish of the same strain in all the lakes from its own fish farm, under the supervision of the Conty Administrative Board.
Combining a few days of fishing with a trip out into the mountain world is really recommended.
Fishing and nature is a great experience in Ljungdalen.
Hear you will find a beautiful and mighty mountain world with dood fishing in crystal clear waters.


Ljungdalen´s fisheries conservation area is located at the top of fisheries conservation areas in the Ljungan valley, up to the state´s land.
The fisheries conservation area borders the sampi villages of Mittådalen and Handölsdalen.
Stortjärn is located at the highest of Ljungdalen´s fishing waters 974 m above sea level.
Ljungdalen where the road turns and the mountains take over.